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The 4th International Conference of Community Psychology (4thCIPC2012) will be held in Barcelona on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of June 2012. The event is organized by the Department of Social Psychology at the Universitat de Barcelona in collaboration with the Department of Social Psychology at the Universitat Autonòma de Barcelona. The 4th International Conference will take place at Campus Mundet – Universitat de Barcelona. The welcoming session is set on wednesday the 20th.

During these days many oral communications, round tables, symposiums and other activities will be develope around Community & Politics, we encourage to attend the event and join us in Barcelona next June.

The 4th ICPC 2012 continues the commitment of the previous three international conferences (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2006, Lisbon, 2008, Puebla, Mexico, 2010) to forge agendas and shared and effective responses  to the problems and social aspirations of the new century from an approach that promotes human development through social participation and synergistic action, transcending the diversity and plurality of positions,  in order to enable collaboration to face current challenges.

At this conference we propose, as a specific focus of discussion and reflection, the possibilities and conditions of empowerment in the context of the psychological crisis, social crisis and the social exclusion presented in various national and local realities.

Other themes of interest:

  • Community development and empowerment.
  • Diversity theoretical, methodological and evaluative research and community action.
  • Community Action and Public Policy.
  • Interdisciplinary social work and community work.
  • Community and sense of community.
  • Ethical and value aspects of action and community role.
  • Community and community action at the crossroads of the local and global.
  • Community social implications of “new technologies” and educational software.
  • Visible and invisible violence.

The conference program will be updated progressively.
Organizing Committee.

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    Javier Díaz
    Fundación Para el Desarrollo Integral Mentes en Acción

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